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Trunks & Cases

Trunks & Cases

ATA Approved for all your protection needs.



For 49 years, Flight Form Corporation has been manufacturing quality re-usable shipping cases, storage cases and ATA approved flight cases. From simple trade show cases to cases that protect million dollar electronics, Flight Form has been the industry leader in design and innovation. And as we were proud to proclaim in 1962, we continue to say today

Storage ATA Approved Flight Cases


•Custom fit foam linings
•Doors, trays, dividers and ramps
•Painted or fiberglass interior
•Forklift skids or casters
•Clean room inner Case
•Rain proof sealing
•Rack-Mount case (with or without shock protection)
•Other requests are welcomed

Custom Flight Case Manufacturer In USA

For nearly 5 decades, Flight Form Corporation has provided the best quality cases to our clients. We offer equipment cases, storage cases, shipping cases, and ATA-approved flight cases.

We design, manufacture, and sell customized cases to our clients across the globe.

We have served multiple clients such as

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Gulfstream,
  • Boing
  • Foo Fighters and many more

All our products are completely customizable and can be designed according to your needs and requirements. Customization options include foam linings, doors, trays, dividers, forklift skids, rainproof sealing, rack-mount case, etc.

At Flight Form, we design cases for your every requirement, whether it is musical instruments, sound &  lighting equipment, medical equipment, computers, LCDs, or plasma TVs you will get a case matching your needs. All our cases are ATA-approved, so you don’t need to worry while traveling by air.

In the last decades, our market has expanded from musical instruments to aerospace, military, sports, audio-visual, government, medical and commercial industries. Along with this, we have served various telecommunications companies, collegiate sports teams, and professional entertainers.